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Charlotte Alday

Scarlet has been my personal trainer for 18 months. In that time she has helped me in many ways. My flexibility and balance have improved markedly. She has assisted me in overcoming my genetic clumsiness. (When the line formed for "grace," I heard "mace"!)

My strength has increased also. While at the doctor, he wanted me to push against his hands with mine. He remarked on how strong I was. (He didn't fall down but had to step back a couple of feet!)

Scarlet's approach to bettering oneself in mind, body, and spirit has been successful for me. It is true that all three work together in extraordinary ways.

After training with Scarlet, I know that all segments of life can thrive with guided exercise and encouragement.

Sharon Woodley

During the time that I have had the pleasure of working with Scarlet, I have been the most successful with my fitness goals that I have ever been. I have much more energy to do things after work and on weekends. I have more stamina to walk long distances and up hills. I have realized that being healthy is much more than the shrinking numbers on a scale, even though that is the goal we all strive for.

With Scarlet's help, I am living a much healthier lifestyle by eating right and exercising. Never before have I enjoyed a workout regime as much as I am right now and I feel that is a huge reason for my success.

LeAnn McKenzie

I have tried several different exercise programs over the last 3 or 4 years. Even though I tried very hard, these programs did not produce the results I was looking for. I have recently been working with Scarlet to improve my strength and conditioning. Through constant encouragement, Scarlet has helped me stay motivated and focused on my training program. Thanks to Scarlet, I have now developed a much more active and healthy lifestyle. Her knowledge, encouragement, and friendship have changed my outlook on exercise for life!

Elia Leal

The exercise routine with Scarlet has been very beneficial for me. After a few weeks, I noticed that the pains in my knees, feet, and lower back had been lessening. I wake up to find I have been sleeping on my back without pain. I am able to climb stairs more easily. The balance exercises have helped to steady me. I am happier and in a much better mood. I no longer worry about deteriorating health and losing my ability to care for myself. Not only has the exercise helped build muscle and flexibility, but I've noticed it has also helped my mental acuity.

Melissa Hulsey

As a mother of four, wife and business owner balance in my life sometimes seams like an impossible dream. I see a perfect balance as being able to devote quality time to Family and Friends, Professional pursuits, Fitness and Spirituality. If you are like me, the first two items on the list rarely leave time for the last two. I began working with Scarlet nearly two years ago to bring Fitness balance back in my life. During that time I had a healthy pregnancy, exercising with her all the way through. I have successfully lost all (well mostly all) of my baby weight thanks to Scarlet's motivation and support. The training and health information I receive from Kaizen is well worth the investment.


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