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My children have always been a part of the process as I've grown in the fitness lifestyle. I strived to instill healthy values in their lives from the beginning, and encouraged them to be life-long learners. It was their desire to let you know that their mom really believes and lives what she teaches. Here you will find their testimonies about growing up in a home where healthy living was the standard. In addition, their "significant others" asked not to be left out. I am honored that they wished to be included!

Others are watching and learning from you. What influence are you having on those closest to you? Take stock. Make the necessary adjustments. It's never too late to take action steps toward positive change! Thank you for allowing me to share a glimpse into the lives of these people who are so very precious to me.

Tara Dorsey

Tara and LukeFor as long as I can remember my mother has encouraged my siblings and me to live a healthy lifestyle. She led us in this direction not only by her words, but by showing us an example of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. I remember her in the living room doing step aerobic videos, trying to squeeze moments of exercise in between caring for three young children. TV time was limited for us, as we were encouraged to exercise our bodies as well as our imaginations by playing outside - riding bikes, building forts, playing in the rain - whatever activities we could possibly come up with and stay out of trouble! There were also the organized activities that we participated in, including baseball, softball, basketball, and gymnastics. We learned to love staying active, which has stuck with me to this day. I still can't go more than a couple of days without feeling the urge to exercise. Even during my recent pregnancy, staying fit was a priority. At eight and a half months I was with mom out at Kennesaw Mountain walking the trails (although my motives were mostly to "walk the baby out"!). During that time I also kept in mind the nutritional aspects of healthy living that mom ingrained into us from the start.

At our house, making smart food choices was easy because that's what mom kept in the pantry and the fridge. Eating healthy didn't mean staying away from so-called "bad foods". It was just a natural part of our lifestyle. We were taught that there were certain foods that were better to eat more often than others, but that it was okay to eat the fun foods in moderation. I believe that the fact that my mother cooked dinner every night for the family and always used healthy choices to prepare them was probably the main reason I learned to enjoy foods that are good for me. Since I have gotten married and now have my own family I do the same. It not only makes a family healthy physically, but also fosters strong relationships when everyone sits down around a meal. I will always be grateful to my mother for teaching me these things. I truly believe it has helped me to live life to the fullest.

Dave Dorsey

Tara and LukeUpon marrying into Scarlet's family back in 2004, I was struck with her passion for the "fitness lifestyle." However, after spending increasing amounts of time around Scarlet, it became evident I needed to make a serious change-both nutritionally and physically.

I began to eat much healthier and much more often-something I never considered before. My metabolic rate increased and I began to have more energy throughout the day. I also began to exercise more. In fact, I became so stricken with this "fitness lifestyle," I began to research what it would take to become a Personal Trainer myself. In just a matter of months, I had taken the classes, passed the exam, and had clients of my own-passing on the passion of my new lifestyle.

I have gone from an inactive, fast-food addict to someone who craves healthy food and seeks new ways to push the limits of my physical abilities. This past summer, I completed my first triathlon and am looking to complete three or four more in 2008. I can honestly say if it weren't for Scarlet's example, passion, and encouragement, I would be unhealthy, tired, and unmotivated.

Kaizen Fitness is all about gradual and progressive improvements and that is what the last four years of my life have been.

I love the energy I wake up with each day and I loved the feeling of crossing the finish line after completing that triathlon. I am now a father and have a son who will soon want to copy everything I do. Thanks in large part to my new lifestyle, I know he will see a healthy example he can follow for many, many years. I owe a great debt of thanks to Scarlet and the example she was and continues to be to me and my family.

Holly Knight

Tara and LukeMy mom has always made sure that we were a healthy happy family growing up. She always encouraged us three kids to be physically active by involving us in sports and other extra curricular activities. She taught us the importance of eating the right things, instead of just telling us we had to eat our greens. She also cooked most of our meals growing up, the only time I remember eating out was a special occasion or if we were traveling. Our meals always consisted of a healthy main dish and servings of greens, vegetables, and fruits. These things were all good foundations for me to be a healthy division one athlete today.

Tara and LukeI am now a junior at Kennewsaw State. Because of what my mom taught me and ingrained in me growing up, I can now make the right decisions on what I eat and staying physically fit. My mom always made sure I had enough and something healthy to eat before and in between practices or games, no matter how many I had a day. Because of that I know that it is healthy to eat before and after I exercise. I see how most other students, and even athletes, eat today and I am so thankful I grew up in an environment that taught me how to stay healthy and eat the right way.

Kenan Knight

Tara and LukeAs I was growing up healthy living was always an important aspect of my home. I was always involved in athletics and was encouraged to get outside and "don't sit in front of the TV!" This upbringing has had a major impact on my life. I was always outside playing basketball or some sport that was honing my skills. This early start allowed me the opportunity to play collegiate basketball at the DII and DI level where being in shape and healthy are a must to succeed.

Now that I am married and working full time, the lessons I learned are still with me today. I felt so good physically and mentally when I was in shape that it now bothers me to be unhealthy. Once you have a full time job and other responsibilities it is hard to get to the gym or go running, but the rewards are very much worth the time and effort. I know that I will always strive to eat healthy, lift weights and maintain all around good fitness for the betterment of myself and my onw family.

Beth Knight

In Scarlet, I have found a friend and someone who is there to give me support, encouragement, and wisdom. Some of our most memorable moments together have been when we are working out or going for a long walk to get in our cardio for the day. During those times, we are able to confide in each other and talk about our dreams, passions, aspirations, etc. Scarlet is someone who genuinely cares and is there to listen, laugh or cry with you. Being able to do that makes the workout seem shorter and easier. It's great to have a friend around when you are working out, especially someone who is so inspiring and has a passion for making this world a better place. In the large spectrum of people who are personal trainers, it is hard to find someone who is genuine and doesn't see a client as another dollar. Scarlet is definitely someone who cares about her clients overall health and spiritual/personal well-being. She sees the health and fitness arena as a platform for bringing a transformation in self-worth and personal growth, which is often lost in the world we live in today.

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